Coralie Sabin

French UI+UX designer living in San Francisco, CA. I love cats, cooking, travelling and learning.

Product Designer at ZOZI.

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Work in progress - Diploma project

Crafty is dedicated to DIY creation from recycled garments for fashion enthusiasts.

It offers a creative space including the entire process of DIY from inspiration, sharing creation, mutual support to meeting with community members.

Skills : Research, concept, identity, UX/UI, project management


Crafty — 1/8


June 2012

In this era where time is essential, Guillaume Faure and I realized that the members of a household have different lifestyles. We created Moods, which promotes dialogue by allowing people to synchronize their shared moments according to their wishes and availabilities. Closest to the current trend as much as those to come, the object has the distinction of being self-powered and comes with a smartphone application to fit the hyper-mobility that characterizes the human being. Moods was exhibited in the competition Orange hands you the keys in October 2012.

Skills : Concept, identity, UI/UX, development

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June 2012

Made in collaboration with Nadim Raad, Smilehood is a local service for neighbors. Really easily, people can share and exchange all kind of services and objects thanks to a user-friendly interface and a fictive money, the smile.

Skills : Concept, identity, UX/UI, project management

1 2 3

Smilehood - 3/8

Shades VS Staches

April 2012

Developped with Nadim Raad, Shades VS Staches is a two-player turn based game made for tablet. Sounds and interactive animations liven up this fun and trendy universe, making this a simple, quick-paced game for all ages.

Skills : Concept, identity, UI/UX

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Shades VS Staches - 4/8

Aperture New York

February 2012

During my internship at Aperture Foundation I worked on an app concept for tablet. Aperture New York puts together the pictures of well-known photographers taken in the city. Every picture is located on a map and appears on a gallery. The app shows a new approach of New York and invites users to discover it differently.

Skills : Concept, identity, UI/UX

1 2 3 4

Aperture New York - 5/8

Arken App

November 2011

The Arken App, created together with Lau Rasmussen and Rasmus Brøndsted, is a project for Arken museum, situated near Copenhagen, in Denmark. It aimed to paint a picture of the danish society, through images of everyday activities taken spontaneously by people. The images will travel from the smartphone into an "Arken image cloud" where it can be accessed in a physical installation, encouraging people to go there to get the full experience.

Skills : Concept, UX, project management

1 2 3

Arken App - 6/8


June 2011

Collection is a library of moments, pictures and sounds from your favourite TV shows made in collaboration with Pierre Mear. While watching a TV show, the app makes it possible for you to bookmark and store every kind of information that you want to keep. Then, you will be able to see it again and share it with your friends! You can also visualize your personal TV show consumption thanks to sleek infographics.

Skills : Concept, identity, UI/UX, project management

1 2 3

Collection - 7/8


February 2011

Tweelight is a real-time application created with Nadim Raad which gives a visual representation of one’s Twitter account. All you have to do is enter a Twitter username and watch that user’s Twitter universe fill up with stars. The application will load data from the account and will display its profile information on the screen. Depending on the frequency and number of tweets, the Twitter bird which is made with 24 LED will light up. Tweelight was featured at Laval Virtual 2011 and during the Adobe Creative week.

Skills : Concept, UX, project management

1 2 3 4

Tweelight - 8/8

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About me

By observing how people live with and use interfaces, I offer them creative and adapted solutions.

My everyday goal is to think/create simplified user interfaces to bring more natural and intuitive behaviours. My recent work gave me a strong knowledge of how to lead a project from start to finish and I believe that a good project is created because of a comprehensive understanding and collaboration between members of a team.


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